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Often the wisdom of the body

clarifies the despair of the spirit

-Marion Woodman

Somatic Support

Using the wisdom of the body as our guide, somatic practices can help to work through mixed feelings, anger, numbness, frustration, confusion, uneasiness or a longing to be understood and seen in your relationships.  Or maybe you simply want to try a body based practice to see if it can help you feel better. 


I carefully and compassionately observe and respond to my clients' present moment experience to help them feel deeply held and seen, to gain skills toward self agency, build healthy self-esteem and to feel more emotionally balanced. My practice incorporates self-reflection, the felt sense, nervous system support, movement, education and/or consensual somatic informed table work based on each individual's specific needs.

Even though the somatic modalities I am trained in are often used in conjunction with psychotherapy I do not offer psychotherapy. I can work collaboratively with psychotherapists, medical doctors and other healthcare professionals on treatment plans and goals. These sessions cannot diagnose or treat any medical illness, disease, or any other physical or mental health condition. Please note, if you struggle with a mental health condition or a mood disorder psychotherapy would be indicated to address and treat those symptoms.


My somatic work supports clients in developing the necessary awareness towards physical and mental processes that can lead to the relief of symptoms resulting from unresolved tension and stress. This work can be transformative and profoundly therapeutic and is designed to increase resiliency, to ease symptoms of trauma and attachment patterns, and to assist in the release of tension. This work also helps to build capacity for our inner artist/creative to be expressed, witnessed and honored.

My approach aims to help you:

  • Lessen self-doubt

  • Build resources and self awareness 

  • Find strategies to manage stress

  • Connect with your body's life force energy

  • Restore a sense of hope, purpose and wellness

  • Ignite your creativity and self expression 

  • Let go of patterns that no longer serve you

Disclaimer: Mary Catherine Donnelly is not a licensed physician nor psychotherapist, and as such she does not practice allopathic medicine in any way, shape or form.


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