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Writing / Storytelling

The violets in the mountains

have broken the rocks.



Tennessee Williams

I believe a large part of the story we show to the world occurs outside verbal expression and sometimes even outside of conscious awareness. Our gestures, posture, vocal and physical rhythms and where we hold tension often communicate our internal experience, belief systems and history. Our embodied responses to adverse events, like the words and movements we use to communicate them, are flexible and can be re-patterned to create deep transformation in ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Prior to my private somatic practice, I worked as a theatre director, performer and writer deeply inspired by the work of Jacques LeCoq, William Esper, Faye Simpson's Lucid Body method, Authentic Movement and working with the International Culture Lab. My training at the William Esper Studio taught me how to actively listen to others, to engage my instincts and impulses and to mine the depths of the imagination. My curiosity of body and sensation based storytelling led me to professionally train at Helikos in Italy under the direction of Giovanni Fusetti, who created a professional development program that integrates Gestalt, Bioenergetics, LeCoq based Movement Analysis, Personal Awareness Process in Altered States and Physical Theatre. I have worked with a cohort of international artist/educators based in the US, Italy and the Republic of Georgia in movement analysis and the poetry of the body. I eventually wrote and performed my solo show, Inside Orion in NYC and San Francisco with the creative support of Matt Hoverman and his Go-Solo class. These intensive trainings and public performances taught me the poetic power we each have and how to bring this power directly into professional development and personal empowerment.


These experiences led me to work with students, educators, medical professionals and artists who wanted creative support with their writing, painting, presentations and public appearances while also maintaining their emotional well-being. My combined experience as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, sexual assault counselor, writer, movement coach and theatre director has shown me that we all have a story inside us. I can help you tell yours.


Feel free to contact me to discuss rates for support with public performance coaching and embodied storytelling. 



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