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Education & Professional Trainings

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing® International (SEI) NYC & CT 2013-2017

SE Training Assistant Online, Maureen Gallagher, PhD 2021 - Present

NeuroAffective Touch, Aline LaPierre, PsyD, The NeuroAffective Touch® Institute, CA 2020-2022

Inner Relationship Focusing 1-3, Maureen Gallagher, PhD, February 2021– August 2021

Inner Relationship Focusing in Clinical Practice, Maureen Gallagher, PhD, Sept 2021– Dec 2021

Associate Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Soma-Psyche Institute, NYC 2017-2018

Sexual Assault Counselor, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Burlingame, CA, 2018-2020

Licensed Massage Therapist, Academy of Massage Therapy & Bodyworks, Pottstown, PA 2021-2022

Helikos School of Theatre Creation, Giovanni Fusetti, Florence, Italy October 2011-May 2012

William Esper Studio, 2 year Professional Theatre Training Program New York, 2002-2003

Bachelor of Science in Film & Television Drexel University | Philadelphia, PA 1987-1992


Additional Workshops / Study Groups

Aline LaPierre, PsyD – NeuroAffective Touch Institute 

  • Working with Neglect

  • The Disappointed Self

  • Holding the Brain

  • The Throat Connection

  • Protocols for Engaging Neuroplasticity

  • The Six Implicit Relational Movements

  • The Inner Experience of Shame



  • Working with Adults with the Earliest Wounds


Carey Benenson Taussig, D.O.M.P. (CAN) D.O. (IT)

  • Releasing Shock to the Waters: A Biodynamic Visceral Course for Long Haul Syndrome: A 7 part protocol for Long Covid and autoimmune syndromes


Peter A. Levine, PhD & Dr. Dianne Poole Heller 

  • Working with Complex Trauma: Untangling Somatic Wounds


Dr. Dianne Poole Heller & Lisa Wimberger

  • Neuroplasticity: Rewiring the Brain After Trauma 

Martha Beck's Wayfinder Life Coach Training

  • Tools and skills to access your Essential Self to live an embodied authentic life 


Arielle Giaretto, LMFT, SEP

  •  Healing Sexual Trauma

Ann Weiser Cornell - Inner Relationship Focusing 

  • Working with the Inner Critic

  • A Year of Untangling: Why Life Gets so Stuck and How You Can Change

  • At the Crossroads: Discover how to identify your block, relate to it in a new way, and start to release the dynamic that holds it in place

  • Focusing Demonstrations with Ann Weiser Cornell


Ron DeAngelo, PhD & Ellen Krueger, LMHC, LMT, BCPP

  • Somatic Intuition I

  • Somatic Intuition II


Nancy Polatin, MFA, SEP

  • How Trauma Affects Support, Suspension, and Breath: 2 Day workshop


Jim Feil, MA, DC, RPP

  • Formative Embodiment


Erika Chalkley, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Meditation Teacher

  • Embodied Boundaries


Twig Wheeler, SEP

  • Guide to the SE Language


Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

  •  Ethics in Energy Healing

Psychopathology Dell'Arte with Giovanni Fusetti

  • Explores the fertile edge between Physical Theatre and Gestalt Therapy, diving into aspects of "psychopathologies" with the tools of movement theatre and play, in a poetic journey of understanding, transformation and comedy.

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