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Many of my clients' work culminated in very personal and engaging public performances.

My clients' successes include:

Brenda Cullerton’s Jay-Z & Me (Edinburgh Fringe, Amsterdam Fringe, 59E59)

Lauren Letellier's The Fiery Sword of Justice (Women at Work Festival, NYC)

Jasmine Pittenger’s, My Ass (In The World) (New York International Fringe Festival)

Jessica Elkin's The Rise of the Usher (Midtown International Theatre Festival)

Ma’at Zachary’s BOTCHED, BARE and BRAVE (Emerging Artists)

Mila Levine’s Leaving Kiev (Midtown International Theatre Festival)

Amy Oestreicher's The Sky is Blue (Best Short Play Nominee, Manhattan Rep)

Ingrid Griffith’s Demerara Gold (Midtown International Theatre Festival) still running.


In May 2015, I was invited to Tbilisi, Georgia to collaborate with the International

Culture Lab and The Margo Korableva Performance Theatre to jointly develop a

movement based public performance honoring and integrating each culture's

observations and somatic experience of birth, life, death and the universal desire

for connection regardless of one's origin.


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