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Does self-doubt get in the way of you taking risks and being seen?
Would you like your relationships
to reflect who you really are and not
what others want you to be?
​Do you want to present yourself as more memorable and inspiring?
Would you like to be more expressive?



YOU are AMAZING! One of the many blessings of this work is experiencing the moment a client realizes how truly fascinating they are. It is an incredibly liberating experience to be witnessed in this way. This is not just about "accomplishments", although certainly that is part of your personal narrative. Who you are is the embodiment of your values, passions and strengths.


I aim to bring out the very best in your self discovery and creative process by asking thoughtful and provocative questions that help to identify your skills, core beliefs, values and lived experiences. We will work in a collaborative manner that supports your vision and goals.


In addition to improving performance evaluations and feeling more confident when speaking in public, many of my clients develop work from their own lived experiences. Some individuals creatively share stories of surviving traumas or past emotional wounds and triumphs, others are working through assimilating into a new culture and some individuals want to learn how to communicate better in every day interactions.


Contact me for a brief consultation to learn more about my process:




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